Retail Store Trade In Program

The used and refurbished device market is growing at an incredible rate. Are you taking advantage of this growth, or are you making your customers find their own way to take advantage? By working with rMS and offering your customers in store credit for their old devices, you will raise your bottom line, increase customer satisfaction and increase your sales as the customer now has more money to spend in your store. Phones are then shipped to us at our expense, and payment made to you within 48 business hours.

No cost to you, no requirements or minimums. Just train your sales people to ask for the trade in, train them how to determine value (takes about 30 seconds to do each time), and then offer the value and accept the trade from the customer. rMS provides shipping supplies and covers the costs, rMS provides in store tracking and check in materials for the trades, and even some basic point of sale items. We currently work with several different cellular stores and retail outlets, and would love to help your company increase its profits and customer satisfaction!

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