Wireless plans and contracts are changing daily right now. You may or may not be in a contract, and you may or may not want to renew your contract for a new phone. Maybe you just got a new phone and dropped it, and dont want to pay for a new one at full retail pricing, which can be $400 to $900!

rMS offers full repair services on most phone and tablet models. Don't pay $700 for a new iPhone when $69 will replace the cracked screen and LCD. Don't pay $650 for a new iPad when $69 will fix the broken charging/data port.

rMS can repair, refurbish or replace screens, batteries, buttons, ports and more on Apple, Motorola, Samsung and most other brands of phones and tablets.

Quality local work with a low price guarantee means you will get the best repair and the best value. Call or fill out the form below for a quick estimate and quick turnaround!