Device Buyback

rMS would like to give you money. We want to purchase all of your old cell phones and tablets. Any brand, any carrier.

There are many websites out there offering a similar service, but they will offer you less money and it can take weeks to complete. In addition, just google the name of the website you are considering using and look for negative reviews. Seems there are a lot of companies out there that offer a dollar amount, then when they get your phone, they tell you its worth a lot less. We wont do this! We will evaluate your phone in store immediately and give you an offer. You can walk out with a check today, for the value you were expecting!

This is a super easy way to make some extra money, or get a credit toward your next wireless device!

Call or fill out the form below to get a quick appraisal of your device and see how much money you can make today!